Boss Message

This is a page of the boss.
It's not diary so the boss doesn't write everyday.


Hello, again!!!

I've fogotton about English sites.
I'm really sorry about it.
I hope nobody is disappointed.
My English is getting worse now.
Anyway, I am very fine in Tokyo.
In fact, Qoo is not happy about summer season.
He hates air-conditoners
but he can't be alive without it in Tokyo.
I think he is getting slim.
(I envy him....)
Have a nise summer!!!!!


Qoo & Music Box

You knew Qoo likes the sounds of music box.
But it's not any music box.
Oneday I tried to listen to another CD for him
It had also music box's sound but he didn't like it.
He likes a CD with αwave.
Do you think αwave is good for rabbit?



Hello!! How are you?
Thanks for seeing this site.
I didn't make something new for English page.
Because it's hard work to do something by English.
And I thought nobody see English page.
But today, I got a mail from my friend in Paris.
She wants something new in my site.
I am very happy about it.
I try to make good pages with my Qoo.

Thanks a lot !!