Qoo Diary

This is a page for a diary of Qoo and his boss.
They will try to write everyday.
It must be difficult !!



Does anyone wait for my diary?
I think no.
It's too long to wait it.
I'm so sorry about that.
But I always hope everyone's happiness.
Take good care.
Have a merry merry Christmass
and a Happy New year.
by Qoo


I hope nobody forgot me.
I am still alive.
And I'm getting slim.
I really hate this season.
As you know, I have thick fur.
(Who wants a hat of my fur?)
I hope autumn's coming soon.
You should enjoy summer instead of me.
by Qoo


I think I've got fat.
I don't want to run around very much recently.
I prefer to stay beside of Boss and lay down.
I think I'm look like the Boss.
by Qoo


I got a mail from MP in Paris.
She complaint me not writing this diary for a long time.
I'm verry sorry. But it's not my falt. I'd like to write everyday.
A problem is my lasy boss. She doesn't up-laod my diary.
I will bite her later.
The rainy season is starting in Japan soon.
For us(rabbits), it's a little bit hard.
We are very weak for wet and hot weather.
But I like rain in Fact. (If I'm at home.)
I feel very good to sleep with rainy sound.
We said "Zaa,Zaa" or "Po-tsu, Po-tsu".
How do you explain it in your country?
by Qoo


It's very hot today. It's like summer.
I laid down and slept all day in front of a window.
By the way, I couldn't see any carrots today.
It was very strange and nothing before.
It's must be the end of the world.
by Qoo


It's birthday my friend Leanne in England today.
Happy birthday from Qoo and Boss.
In fact, she is my boss's friend but I like her, too.
She doesn't eat rabbits and she gave boss a lovely toy rabbit.
I like that pinky rabbit!!
I hope she likes me, too.
by Qoo


It was very noisy today.
It was very windy and somewhere was struck by lightnings.
I heard peal of thunder.
After that we had a lot of rain.
But I'm not afraid them anymore.
I'm getting stronger.
by Qoo


I heard someone wants to eat me.
(Especially in Europe)
But I have a friend named Nicolas in Paris,
who doesn't want to eat rabbits.
He looks like very strong and he will protect me.
But I don't think I'm going to Europe.
It's too dangerous for me.
by Qoo


I played with my boss today.
I ran around and jumped up to the boss's bed.
I usually use it as a toilet.
She is not happy about it.
I don't know why.
But when I use it, I feel super.
by Qoo


I like cleaning myself.
It's one of my hobby.
My boss said "It looks like dancing".
I think she likes to see my dancing.
by Qoo


I couldn't go out from a cage today.
Did I do anything wrong, Boss?
I want to go out and run around.
I'm angry.
by Qoo


I'm very sleepy.
Because my boss didn't sleep last night.
She read a book until this morning.
I couldn't sleep deeply.
Let's go to bed early tonight, boss.
by Qoo


My toilet came back.
Where has it been?
I slept with it.
I felt good.
by Qoo


I had nails cut today.
I hate it because my boss brings me somewhere.
And a stranger cut my nails.
It's so scary.
I prefer sleeping in my cage.
by Qoo

I went hair cut today.
I paid 1000 yen.
Qoo went his nails cut.
I paid 1050 yen for him.
He is the winner.
by Boss